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How far in advance do you recommend booking?

We have bookings up to a year in advance. We always recommend booking sooner rather than later to ensure availability! The latest we can confirm your booking is up to three weeks. If you inquire within three weeks of your event please email us and we will try to accommodate your request (rush fees may apply).

How do I know my date is confirmed?

Once your submit your deposit we can confirm that you are booked for your event! This means that you will receive a phone for your event!

Are the phones displayed on your website the only style of phones you have at the moment?

At the moment, yes. Stay tuned.

What if we need to cancel? Can we change the date or details without additional fees?

Yes, we can refund you the full amount up to 1 month of your event or transfer the credit to another date. If the cancellation is within 1 month of your event date we can either transfer the credit or refund 50% of your rental fee.  

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Phones are fully refundable upto 1 month prior to your event or transferable to a different date unless it is within the 1 month period, a 50% refund can be issued or the full amount transferred. Refunds on the security bond will only be released upon receipt of the phone in proper working and cosmetic order and without any duties and taxes from shipping. We are not responsible for lost messages, improper set up or the amount of voicemails left on the phone and will not be able to issue a refund unless it is for extenuating circumstances.

Is the digital copy of the voice records included in the base rental?

Yes, with every phone rental you get a digital online copy of all your messages to share and download. 

How far in advance do your phones ship out?

Our phones ship out typically 10 days prior to your event to arrive at our your address on time.

Could you please provide us with more details on the set-up process?

Our setup process requires three simple steps. We provide thorough yet simple instructions via email and included in the box with the phone so they are easy to access and view including a set up video.

What if my wedding party or planner didn’t press record and there’s no recordings from my event?

We try our very best to provide simple and clear instruction setup to avoid any improper setup. When we review your recordings from your event we will let you know if they were successful or not and give you alternative options post event. However, we are not responsible for lost messages, improper set up or the amount of voicemails left on the phone and will not be able to issue a refund unless it is for extenuating circumstances. 

Where is your pick up location?

Pickup is located in Brantford, Ontario, or Brampton, Ontario.

Does delivery include set-up and how much does it cost for delivery?

At this time we do not provide delivery services, however we do ship out the phones via Canada Post for you to set up. If you are interested for us to deliver and set up the phone for you please email us at,

Does the phone come with setup instructions?

Yes! We send out the signage with the set up instructions and a video in an email to help you or your planner set it up properly.

Do instructions come with the phone for the guests to read to help them use the phone?

Yes! We have signage templates that we send via email for you to adjust as you see fit.

When will we receive the signage templates, and can we customize them with our names?

You will receive a link in your email approximately two months prior to your event date.

Do the phones need to be plugged into power? 

No, the phones are fully battery operated. The phones are powered by a battery which makes it completely portable and allows the phones to run for approximately 5-7 hours.

Do the phones need to be connected to a landline or wifi?

No! Our phones are completely wireless and require no outside connection to work, which means they can be placed anywhere! They are powered by a battery which allows the phone to record for approximately 5-7 hours.

Is the set up something our coordinator or planner can handle?

Yes. We provide you with set up instructions in an email and within the box which includes a video tutorial so that anyone can set it up properly by following the instructions provided. If you have any questions prior to the event we can always answer those via email or our emergency line if need be.  

Is there someone that we would be available to call in case we run into any issues on site?

We provide an emergency number with our setup instructions for the night of to answer any urgent questions.

How do we encourage our guests to record messages at our event?

We recommend communicating with your DJ or Emcee to make frequent announcements throughout the night to leave messages.

Would surrounding noise be an issue in the audio quality?

Nope, no issue! If the guest is holding the phone properly, and speaking clearly, the surrounding noise of music should not interfere. The rotary phone is not noise cancelling, however it will pick up the voices distinctly. 

Are we able to record our own voicemail or is  it a standard beep before any guest recordings? 

The phones are super easy to use and with the signage provided the guests can easily understand what to do. Simply pick up the phone and leave your message. At this time we do not offer custom voicemails to be left as a greeting, but stay tuned!

How many recordings do we typically get when recording a 5-6 hour wedding reception?

We cannot guarantee the amount of recordings during the duration of your event, however we give you all the messages that are recorded. We highly encourage your wedding party to spread the word, and tell the entertainment of the night to make an announcement.

Is there a limit on the amount of audio we can record?

No, we will send you every voicemail that is left on our phones for you to cherish forever. The length of your guestbook is determined on how many messages were left in total.

When do we return the phone?

We ask that you return the phone to the specified address within three days of the event or dropped off at the designated address.

What is the timeline for the phone to be shipped back?

When booking, you agree to the Terms and Conditions the phone will be shipped back within 3 days of your event. A return label will be sent to your email address following your event for your convenience.

Do you remove any voicemails?

No. You will receive every voicemail that is left at your event. The only time we will ever remove a voicemail is if there is hate speech being used.

What is the typical turnaround time?

Our audio editors typically get voicemails back to clients within 3-4 weeks of receiving the phone back from them. Audio guest books with slideshows can take up to 3 weeks after we receive your photos.

Are deposits refundable?

Refunds on the security bond will only be released upon receipt of the phone in proper working and cosmetic order and without any duties and taxes from shipping.

Can I add services after booking?

Yes, you can shop online and add a USB, Virtual line, and more after you book. Write a note when purchasing so we know what event date is yours.

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